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Constructed in 1911 as the Brewster Building, this expanded 700,000 SF LIC office building was once home to renowned vehicle manufacturer, Brewster & Company.

1934 Ford Brewster Town Car
Brewster Carriage

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Brewster remained at the forefront of the transportation revolution, progressing from the manufacture of horse-drawn carriages and coaches to luxury town cars and eventually airplanes. The Brewster name would become synonymous with luxury and class, attracting the likes of celebrities, royals, and presidents.

By 1931, the Brewster LIC plant became the primary U.S. assembly location for Rolls-Royce. Years later, the building transformed into a base for Brewster’s navy contracted aircraft division. It was here that Brewster & Co. built the Brewster F2A Buffalo, an all-metal monoplane that famously served on the frontlines of WWII. Brewster’s aircrafts, like their iconic carriages and cars, shaped the course of history.

Brewster F2A Buffalo